Retirement Cash Flow – $1M May Not Be Enough!

Dollars funnel

Retirement, it’s supposed to be our golden years but for many it creates stress and worry about… money. We spend our working lives saving for retirement with thoughts and dreams to go after that bucket list “when we retire”. But then we worry. Will our retirement cash flow be enough? How much money do we […]

Do you Have Financial Peace of Mind?

What do we need?

We are all looking for financial peace of mind.  Money worries create fear & stress! So what should you do to resolve this? The first step: Prioritize your money plan – what are you needs, your wants and then your wishes. (Download the worksheet: Once you have identified your financial ‘basics’, your financial needs, […]

Planning on Paying for Your Kids’ College Education? Consider a 529 Plan

Planning on Paying for Your Kids' College Education?

If you’re like many parents, not only do you feel somewhat obligated to put your kids through college, but there’s also a big part of you that really wants to give your children the gift of higher education. College is anything but cheap, and it will only become more expensive as the years flash by. […]

Planning for the Retirement Dream

Planning for Retirement

Many of us picture our retirement years spent enjoying life without working, but have you planned for everything? Will you be able to live the golden years as you envision them? Here are some unexpected and often underestimated expenses and tips to consider when planning for the golden years. 1. Medical expense: People are living […]

How To Take Advantage of Your 401(k)

Take advantage of your 401(k)

So, you’ve been saving for retirement for years, spending your entire career penny pinching and saving every morsel you can, hoping to live out your years in a stress-free, fully-funded lifestyle. You started young and have been saving ever since. Most importantly, you have invested in the magical program people call a 401(k) at your […]