Five years after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, we feel fortunate to be where we are. Our philosophy of protecting against large portfolio draw-downs while providing competitive returns is paying off.  The possibility of losing 40%+, as happened for many in the last financial crisis, would simply be catastrophic for our client’s long term financial stability. With this protection first methodology, we have developed the following approach for a clients’ market investments.

Our approach:


Our overall strategy has always been one of protection so a catastrophic loss is unacceptable.  For us, investment success then comes down to two brilliant goals with a mandate to:

  1. Protect against large losses and 
  2. Deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns

To accomplish this, we have identified strategic money managers that are robust, sophisticated and rely on rules-based “strategies” whom share our philosophy of this dual mandate.

We then help our clients achieve their goals by providing diversified portfolios across multiple strategies that have this dual mandate – a unique, 21st Century approach to money management.

Put measures in place today to make sure your investment strategists prevent your portfolio from experiencing a significant draw-down while gaining market performance.

Don’t have sleepless nights because the market dropped – create peace of mind!