Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a process not an event.  The purpose, to help us be good stewards of our resources and guide us to fulfilling our life goals.  Financial planning is about eliminating anxiety about our financial situation and creating peace of mind.  It’s creating a financial life plan that supports the rest of our life.


  • We all want to feel financially comfortable.
  • We all want to send our kids to college.
  • We all want to make sure we have the security to know that we will be properly taken care of when we are older.
  • We all have hopes and dreams of what we want to accomplish in this lifetime.

We are on a journey and our belief at Simplicit Financial is that our financial life should support us to our destination, not hinder us.

To make this happen, we have to start by setting goals – financial goals and life goals.

One of my favorite speakers, Earl Nightingale states it this way:

“If you aim for nothing, you’ll get nothing”

As Certified Financial Planners® we help you define or clarify your destination, your goals and then help you determine your personal roadmap to get there.

What we target is:

Creating Financial Peace of Mind so that you can focus on living the life you want to live.

What is the Simplicit Financial Approach?
In brief, we go through the following:

  • First, understand who you are and how money currently works in your life:
    How do you think about money?  How do you communicate about money?  What do you hope to achieve?  What is money’s purpose in your life?
  • Second, identify your dreams and goals:
    What do you want to accomplish in this life?  What does a successful retirement look like? What does Financial Peace of Mind look like for you?
  • Third, get a clear understanding of where you are today:
    What do you currently have in place?  Where are you starting this journey?
  • Fourth, understand what is working for you, what is sitting stagnant and where you may be swimming upstream in your current endeavors:
    How is your money really working?
  • Fifth, decide what you really want to do financially:
    What do you want to do?  How often you want to check that the guardrails are still in place?
  • Sixth, put YOUR plan into action!

What Steps Should I Take Next?
The first step is actually the hardest and it’s getting started.  If you don’t work with us, please work with someone to get started.  Time is the one thing we can never get more of.

Why Shouldn’t I Contact Simplicit Financial for Help?
If you’re greedy, looking for a get rich quick schemes or the ‘perfect’ investment, we are not the partner for you.  If you do not want to put effort into defining your goals and your supporting plan, then again, we are not the partner for you.  We wish you the best of luck, in all your endeavors.

Why should I contact Simplicit Financial for Help?
If you’d like to be a good steward of your financial resources and you are open to learning how money really works, we would be honored to talk.  Contact us if you want a partner on your side, that:

  • Defines success as you achieving your life goals.
  • Is your financial educator that continually researches and scours the financial field, with a truth barometer for knowledge and opportunities to share with you.
  • Helps you define your destination and the path to get you there but doesn’t stop there.  A team that provides measures and course corrections to keep you on track to your destination.
  • Can demonstrate the success (or failures) of any process or solution in your financial life.
  • Is fully independent and not reliant on any financial institution defining what is ‘best’ for you.

If this is what you are looking for, give us a call or email us to set up an initial no-obligation introductory conversation.  We’ll discuss your dreams, your goals, your bucket list and see if we believe we can help you reach your destination.

Would you like to discuss your goals, your financial plans?
We would be honored.  Schedule an initial 45 minute “Web based” or “in office” Appointment.

Tel: 888-510-9904;

We look forward to seeing how we may be able to partner with you, to create your
Financial Peace-of-Mind.