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Why Should I Become an Informed Buyer of College Education?

We all dream of our children having a better future so it’s no surprise when I talk with families about college funding solutions, it can get emotional. Money and dreams mixed together will do that to you. (Believe me… I’ve caved many a times to my daughter’s emotional pleas… “but I want ___ “) But letting the emotions guide you in this potentially HUGE financial impact for your family can be dangerous not only in your conversations, but also to your hopes and dreams for a secure financial future.

We have all heard the tales… the student who has $30,000, $50,000… shoot I have one client that came to me with over $200,000 in student debt! That really makes you wonder about the value of the education and more importantly, how financially crippled a family can get.

So as our children grow and the price of a higher education well outpaces the inflation, I find many families weighing the options for college much like this:

Education vs Debt

But is that really what it’s all about? Weighing the pros/cons of the education against the debt? Or worse yet, weighing the pros/cons of “Your retirement security” versus “College Loans”?”

It shouldn’t be.

It is true, this could be one of the most expensive times in your family’s financial history.  But what you need to know, is that there are two VERY different prices you can pay for college – one is for the “Informed buyer” and one is for the “Uninformed buyer”.

We teach you how to not ‘break the bank’ and go from: (stressed to success!)

College Planning

Being informed means you:
  1. Understand the process
  2. Understand your options
  3. Maximize your financial opportunities & minimize the financial impact to your family.
    You know the answers to:
    • Do we qualify for financial aid? How do we maximize that eligibility?
    • In our situation, are private schools less expensive than public?
    • What school will give us the best financial aid package? How do we know?
    • If we don’t qualify for financial aid, can we use ‘tax’ scholarships? How do we do it?
    • What is the best method(s) for us to pay for college?
    • How do we make sure that our college plan doesn’t negatively impact our retirement plans?

Bottom line by becoming informed and become educated you can eliminate the issue of being misguided by the many myths surrounding the cost of college education and financial aid qualification.  You can create college funding solutions!

Is it too early? Too Late?

Whether you are starting with a 1 year old or your student is just heading into their high school Senior year, we can help. Our Certified College Advisor and Certified College Planning Relief® Specialists are not just College Specialists; they are also Certified Financial Planners® that can take you through all of the steps to make you an ‘Informed Buyer’ of College Education.

Our goal, to help you Save ON the Cost of College. We want to keep your dreams alive of creating the foundation of success for a new generation while potentially saving you Thousands on the Cost of College.

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