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Kate Seastone

Kate Seastone, MBA, CFP®

Kate Seastone is a Certified Financial Planner®, holds an MBA in business and has a host of other designations such as a certified College Planning Relief Specialist™, a Chartered Adviser in Philanthropy® and a Certified Master Mentor to name a few.

Kate is the principle of the independent financial services firm, Simplicit Financial. A fiduciary for their clients, Simplicit Financial Team members specialize in helping business owners and key executives create the life and lifestyle they deserve.

Kate started out her professional life like most in the industry, outside of financial services. Her initial career was as a software developer which quickly transformed into the area of improving the performance of high-tech companies. Ms. Seastone became a turn-around specialist. Although rewarding, Kate realized that her passion really centered around helping business owners and their key executives. From employee retention ideas to exit strategies, she knew she wanted to help them improve both their personal and business financial lives.

But who is she really? Kate is the mother of a beautiful 7 year old girl named Austin as well as two Australian Sheppards, Maddie and Sage who perform in agility competitions. She grew up in the heart of Nebraska, moved out to Arizona shortly after receiving her undergraduate degree and has grown to love the desert.

If you want to talk kids, dogs, how to create tax-advantaged retirement incomes or the latest book on non-qualified compensation strategies, Kate would be delighted to speak with you.